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2018 Mar

Call Number
Collective choice and social welfare / Amartya Sen MUC HB99.3 .S45 2017
Family therapy : concepts and methods / Michael P. Nichols, College of William and Mary with Sean D. Davis, Alliant International University. MUC RC488.5 .N53 2017
Regina's English works for you 2 = 跟葉太學英文2/ Regina Ip. MUC PE1130.C4 I6536 2016
Social work with disabled people. MUC HV1559.G7 O38 2012
The life span : human development for helping professionals / Patricia C. Broderick, Pamela Blewitt. MUC BF713 .B755 2015
Working with disabled people in policy and practice : a social model / Sally French and John Swain. MUC HV1559.G7 F74 2012
方案設計與評估 / 翁慧圓 主編; 翁慧圓、陳心怡、唐宜楨、林秉賢 合著. MUC HV41 .W46 2016
我和我的十年 : 葉劉淑儀回憶錄 / 葉劉淑儀 著. MUC DS796.H753 I753 2016
奇遇 : 我在中國的創投日子 / 梁穎宇. MUC HG5782 .L43 2016
幸福玻璃球 : 12個真實心理治療個案 / 主編: 范德穎; 作者: 何穎兒女士、梁凱琪女士、王千嘉女士. MUC RC570 .F36 2017
社會個案工作 : 理論與技巧 / 謝秀芬 著. MUC HV43 .X54 2016
社會團體工作 : 領導者養成實務 / 黃聖桂 著. MUC HV45 .H48 2016
草房子 / 曹文軒 著 ; [德]索尼婭‧達諾夫斯基 繪. MUC PZ10.831.C34 C36 2016
殘疾人社會工作 / 馬洪路主編. MUC HV1568 .M36 2010
愛有方 : 自閉症人士復康之路 / 主編王林小玲. MUC RJ506.A9 A34 2015
社會工作小辭典 / 陳思緯 編著. MUC-REF HV12 .C44 2017


2018 Apr

Call Number
A practical guide to early childhood inclusion : effective reflection / Ann M. Gruenberg, Regina Miller. MUC LC1201 .G78 2011
ACSM's advanced exercise physiology : [editors, Peter A. Farrell, Michael J. Joyner, Vincent J. Caiozzo]. MUC QP309 .A38 2012
ACSM's exercise for older adults / edited by Wojtek J. Chodzko-Zajko. MUC GV482.6 .A34 2014
ACSM's exercise testing and prescription / editors, Madeline Paternostro Bayles, Ann M. Swank. MUC RM725 .A43 2018
ACSM's foundations of strength training and conditioning / Nicholas Ratamess Jr. MUC QP301 .R36 2012
ACSM's resource manual for guidelines for exercise testing and prescription / American College of Sports Medicine ; [senior editor, David P. Swain ; section editors, Clinton A. Brawner ... et al.]. MUC RM725 .A45 2014
ACSM's resources for the group exercise instructor / editor, Grace DeSimone. MUC GV341 .A37 2012
ACSM's health-related physical fitness assessment manual. MUC GV436 .A36 2018
ACSM's introduction to exercise science / Jeffrey A. Potteiger. MUC QP301 .P637 2018
Business vocabulary in use. Advanced / Bill Mascull. MUC PE1115 .M37 2017
CNN主播教你用英語看懂世界趨勢 = Catching up with global trends with CNN. MUC PE1128 .C57 2016
Curriculum development in language teaching / Jack C. Richards. MUC P53.295 .R53 2017
English Pronunciation in use. advanced / Martin Hewings. MUC PE1137 .H49 2007
English Pronunciation in use. Elementary / Jonathan Marks. MUC PE1137 .M37 2007
Exercise for special populations / Peggie Williamson. MUC RM725 .W55 2011
Grammar for business / Michael McCarthy ... [et al.] MUC PE1479.B87 M33 2009
Language learning with digital video / Ben Goldstein and Paul Driver ; Consultant and editor: Scott Thornbury. MUC P53.2 .G64 2015
Language learning with technology : ideas for integrating technology in the language classroom / Graham Stanley ; Consultant and editor: Scott Thornbury. MUC P53.28 .S73 2013
Present yourself 2, viewpoints : teacher's manual / Steven Gershon. MUC PN4121 .G47 2015
The Cambridge guide to blended learning for language teaching / edited by Michael McCarthy. MUC P53 .C26 2016
身心障礙者的正向行為支持 /|鈕文英著. MUC RJ505.B4 N594 2009
棋玩旅程 : 100個桌上遊戲帶領技巧 / 梁林輝、葉文俊、黃幹如 編著. MUC GV1312 .L53 2017
跟著CNN主播 學好英語全球走透透 = Touring the cities of the world with CNN. MUC PE1128 .G52 2016
香港青年看一帶一路 / 香港黑龍江經濟合作促進會 編著. MUC-SCGS HF1604 .X53 2017


2018 May

Call Number
開放合作!: 釋放香港社群力手冊 / 鄒崇銘 編著. CTIHE HD3553.A4 C46 2017
Assessing families and couples : from symptom to system / Salvador Minuchin, Michael P. Nichols, Wai-Yung Lee. MUC RC488.5 .M568 2007
Assessing grammar / James E. Purpura. MUC PE1112 .P87 2004
Assessing language through computer technology / Carol A. Chapelle and Dan Douglas. MUC P53.4 .C37 2006
Assessing listening / Gary Buck. MUC PE1128.A2 B83 2001
Assessing speaking / Sari Luoma. MUC P53.6 .L86 2004
Assessing vocabulary / John Read. MUC PE1449 .R433 2000
Business plus : preparing for the workplace / [by] Margaret Helliwell. MUC PE1128 .H45 2014 tbk.1
Business vocabulary in use : elementary to pre- intermediate / Bill Mascull. MUC HF5718 .M37 2010
Counseling theories and techniques for rehabilitation and mental health professionals / edited by Fong Chan, Norman L. Berven and Kenneth R. Thomas. MUC HV1568 .C65 2015
English for the financial sector / [by] Ian MacKenzie. MUC PE1128.A2 M335 2008 tbk
Flightpath : aviation English for pilots and ATCOs, teacher's book / by Philip Shawcross and Jeremy Day. MUC PE3727.A35 S539 2011
From corpus to classroom : language use and language teaching / Anne O'Keeffe, Michael McCarthy & Ronald Carter. MUC PE1128.A2 O54 2007
Present yourself 1 : experiences / Steven Gershon. MUC PN4121 .G47 2015 tbk.1
Present yourself 2 : viewpoints / Steven Gershon. MUC PN4121 .G47 2015 tbk.2
Teaching and developing reading skills / [by] Peter Watkins; Consultant and editor: Scott Thornbury. MUC PE1128 .P48 2017
The Satir model : family therapy and beyond / Virginia Satir ... [et al.]. MUC RC488.5 .S28 1991
Working with families of the poor / Patricia Minuchin, Jorge Colapinto, Salvador Minuchin. MUC HV697 .M55 2007
家庭與伴侶評估 : 四步模式 = Assessing families and couples : from symptom to system / 薩爾瓦多‧米紐慶(Salavdor Minuchin), 麥克‧尼可(Michael P. Nichols), 李維榕(Wai-Yung Lee)合著 ; 林麗純, 楊淑智譯. MUC RC488.5 .M56812 2007
智力殘疾成人康復社會工作實務手冊 / 香港扶康會 著. MUC HV3008.H6 X53 2018
薩提爾的家族治療模式 / 維琴尼亞‧薩提爾(Virginia Satir) ... [等]原著 ; 林沈明瑩, 陳登義, 楊蓓翻譯 ; 吳佩璇彙整校訂. MUC RC488.5 .S2812 1998
有了這本書,你就知道甚麼是「一帶一路」/ 當代世界研究中心 編著. SCGS HF1379 .D36 2017

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