Borrowing and Returns

All HKCT / CTIHE staff and students are automatically entitled to enjoy our facilities and services with valid staff/student identity cards.

New Borrower(Staff) should complete an " Borrower Registration Form" for the first time of borrowing and agree abide by all library regulations. Hard copies of the form are obtainable from HKCT Library or may also download at library website . Completed form should hand in to the HKCT library with valid staff card for registration.

Status Type of Material Quotas Periods
Students of Sub-degree & Below Books 15 14 days
7 Days Loan Books 7 days
3 Days Loan Books 3 days
Audio-Visual Materials 5 7 days
Reserve Materials 3 2 hours
Serials/ Bound 2 7 days
Serials/ Current N/A N/A
Reference Materials N/A N/A
Students of Degree & Above Books 20 14 days
7 Days Loan Books 7 days
3 Days Loan Books 3 days
Audio-Visual Materials 5 7 days
Reserve Materials 3 2 hours
Serials/ Bound 2 7 days
Serials/ Current N/A N/A
Reference Materials N/A N/A
Status Type of Material Quotas Periods
Staff Books 25 30 days
7 Days Loan Books 7 days
3 Days Loan Books 3 days
Audio-Visual Materials 5 7 days
Reserve Materials 3 2 hours
Serials/ Bound 2 7 days
Serials/ Current Request Request
Reference Materials Request Request

Borrowers can return the items at the Lending Services Counter during library opening hours or use the Book Drop to return books outside library opening hours.


Loans may be renewed for two additional loan period at the Circulation Counter in person or through the Online Catalogue (click on View Borrowing Record ) of the Library website.
Since the loans may have already been reserved by another borrower or cannot be renewed for other reasons, renewal through Internet should be made at least one working day before the due date in order to allow time for returning them on time if the renewal is not permitted.

How to Renew :

  1. Select Borrowing Record from the Online Catalogue main menu
  2. Enter Patron Barcode and PIN 
  3. Then press OK 
  4. A list of loaned items will be shown
  5. Select the library materials you wish to renew and then click Renew or click Renew All borrowed items
  6. Note the new due date of the item(s) successfully renewed
  7. Note the reasons of the item(s) unsuccessfully renewed


If a library material you want has been charged out, you can via web OPAC to place a hold on the item.
You will be notified by email to collect the item(s) from the counter within 3 opening days. Items that are not picked up within that period will be returned for normal circulation, or will be passing on to the next requester, if applicable.

Hold Materials:
Borrower Type Reserve Quota
Student 5
Staff Teaching
(Full-time / Part-time)
Non Teaching
(Full-time / Part-time)
How to hold item(s):
  1. On library Online Catalogue main menu select one search option (e.g. search by title keyword, click on Title Keyword
  2. When the list of search results is shown, click on the required item for displaying the full record and status details
  3. Library materials can be reserved only for items have been checked out or on display :
    • - On display (status: ON DISPLAY)
    • - On loan (status: ON LOAN)
  4. Select Reserve Item, on "Hold item" enter Patron Barcode and PIN
  5. Patron Barcode :
    • The patron barcode of post-secondary is the student number
    • The patron barcode of full time teaching staff and full time administrative staff are the staff number
    • The patron barcode of non-local courses student and part time teaching staff are the barcode that library assigned when register
    PIN :
    • At least 1 character, no blank, can be any compilation of 1-0, A-Z or a-z.
    • Library has sent the password to you when you have register, if you have forgotten it, please contact the library staff
  6. Then press OK
  7. If hold request has been successfully placed, a [Hold item success] note will be shown
  8. If hold request is unsuccessfully, the reasons will be given by the system

Overdue and Loses

All borrowers are subject to overdue fines, the amount of which is determined by the policy approved by the College.
Please refer to the Regulations of the library for details.

For lost or damaged items, the user will be charged the cost of replacement plus processing fee.


All checked out items are subject to be recalled if requested by other user or the library.
Fines for not responding to recall notice for all categories of borrowers will be charged.

Reference Services

All staff at the library is ready to provide assistance to users of the College.

Please direct general enquiries to staff on duty at the circulation counter. If you need further assistance, please direct your enquiries to the librarian.

User Education

Library orientation programs are organized for new students at the beginning of the academic year. Library tours and online catalogue search skills training sessions will be organized.

For post-secondary and degree students, a variety of library research skills sessions arranged in groups will be held through out the year.

Photocopying and Printing

Library provides photocopy and printing services (B&W or Color). Photocopy and printing fees are shown as follows:

Type B & W (A4) Color (A4) B & W (A3) Color (A3)
Photocopy & Printing Fees HK$0.3 single page HK$1.8 single page HK$0.6 single page HK$3.6 single page
HK$0.5 double page HK$3.3 double page HK$1.0 double page HK$6.6 double page

Note: Users are reminded to observe the Copyright Law when using the photocopy and printing services.

Online Catalogue

An Online Public Access library Catalogue on computer is available in the library or via web. Users can search books by author, title, subject and series. Should there be any problem in using the OPAC, please ask the librarian for assistance.
You can also check your library records on the OPAC. They include no. of loans, over dues and reservations of the users.

Reading Area & Study Carrels

Library has self-study carrels for individual study equipped with lamps and notebook plug-in power outlets for computers.

Reader are welcomed to use the facilities of discussion rooms and self-study area.

Book Drop Service
Guidelines on Book Drop Service
  1. Opening hours of Book Drop Service:
    Opening hours
    Whole day
    Locations Ma On Shan Undergraduate Campus - Academic Pavilion Ho Man Tin Campus - Knowledge & Information Centre
    Ma On Shan Campus - G/F Ma On Shan Undergraduate Campus - Learning Commons
  2. The Book Drop is for returning books of the HKCT only. The borrowing records of library patrons will be updated within 24 hours after books are returned (except Public Holiday).
  3. Library patrons may check the updated borrowing records through the “my account” of library online catalogue.
  4. Books should be placed inside the Book Drop. If the Book Drop is full, please try another one or returning books to the library directly. Please do not force books into or leave them outside the Book Drop.
  5. Overdue books and all non-printed library materials (e.g. DVDs, CDs, etc.) must be returned at the service counter of the library.